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Performing Arts in the Park: Creature

Through its varied language, the “Liberi di… Physical Theatre” company is staging Creature (Creatures), a performance that represents the return of light, colours and life.

The perfect balance between night and day becomes the underlying theme of “Creature” in a sequence of manoeuvres that range from aerial acrobatics to dance in its most elaborate forms, in a search for lightness of spirit essential for cherishing the joy inside of every one of us.


The “Liberi di… Physical Theatre” company is an established organisation recognised internationally in many fields of entertainment. The extraordinary versatility and very high choreographic quality of their performance are distinguished by a unique style that is able to mix the precision of acrobatics with the extravagance of the contemporary circus, and the softness of dance with the intensity of physical acting. Years of studies, experience and passionate devotion have led Liberi Di… in the methodical search for perfection meant as the indissoluble union between the elegance of gesture and the emotional drive in performing it.


With the support of the Park Ambassadors Volvo Car Italia and Assiteca

19 March 2023 @ 18:00 - 19:00

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