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Perspectiva sBAM! at Volvo Studio Milano


AZIONI fuori POSTO, a collective from the Trentino province active in the dance and performance area, will invade and colour Volvo Studio with its production of a preview site-specific preview of Perspectiva s-BAM!, an urban dance performance that will go on stage throughout the BAM – Biblioteca degli Alberi di Milano areas on the occasion of BAM Season Day: Spring is coming! on Sunday, 19 March.

Five dancers will disorient spectators’ attention to the rhythm of music and, with their movements, will offer a different perspective of the spaces they cross through, disrupting everyday functions.

Afterwards, the choreographers and founders of AZIONI fuori POSTO Silvia Dezulian and Filippo Porro will present the collective’s work including dance, urban space and nature.

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with Francesca Bertolini, Silvia Dezulian, Lucrezia Gabrieli, Sebastiano Geronimo, Lorenzo Morandini, Filippo Porro, and Gloria Trolla

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