BAM is supported by a network of leading companies responsive to innovation and sustainability issues. Thanks to their contribution, BAM is a clean and safe park rich in cultural experiences.

Park Ambassador

These are the main supporters of the park, its botanical heritage, and cultural programme. The Park Ambassadors share BAM’s values, inspired by the 17 UN 2030 objectives, and provide their know-how through human and cultural enrichment experiences.
The Biblioteca degli Alberi project offers Volvo the opportunity to share some of the fundamental brand values. The of the Biblioteca degli Alberi works toward environmental protection, which has always characterized Volvo’s actions based on a strong sense of ethical responsibility. In addition, Volvo focuses on people, understood as individuals and communities, aiming to improve their quality of life. Their affinity the Biblioteca degli Alberi project’s aims is evident, striving to be a green heart for citizens and a place destined to involve people through stimulating cultural and educational experiences. Ultimately, through supporting the Biblioteca degli Alberi project, located a few steps from the Volvo Studio Milan, Volvo reaffirms its close relationship with the city of Milan.







Thanks to the contribution of our Project Partners, every year BAM’s cultural programme is richer in projects and activities for all ages and types of visitors.




Grazie al contributo dei nostri Supporter, BAM può continuare a prendersi cura della manutenzione e della sicurezza del parco, oltre a continuare ad offrire BAMoment a tutta la cittadinanza.




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