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BAM Workshop Kids: Orchestra at the Park

The great classical music in the park is for everyone, adults and children alike!

Awaiting the children are the highly engrossing workshops for sharpening ears and for practising active listening of music.

We will together experiment movement, body resonance and singing. By playing with sounds and having fun, children will be led to discover the sound language of the wonderful pieces that will be performed during the Back to the City Concert.

The path becomes even longer and goes beyond the borders of Biblioteca degli Alberi as the morning workshops will be held at BAM, while those in the afternoon will take place at BiG – Borgo Intergenerazionale Greco (via Carlo Conti 20, Milan).


  • 10 am @BAM – Biblioteca degli Alberi Milan
  • 11.30 am @BAM – Biblioteca degli Alberi Milan


  • 3:30 pm @BiG – Borgo Intergenerazionale Greco
  • 5 pm @BiG – Borgo Intergenerazionale Greco

Choose your time slot and book your free place!


In collaboration with Opera Education

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