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Kids – Nature and Fun

In collaboration with Radiomamma, we are happy to start off a brand new botanical course for young children so they learn in touch with nature and have fun!


When entering from Via Gaetano de Castillia, you will immediately find a play area right in front of the Fondazione Catella entrance, complete with swings and drinking fountains. Our gardens are beyond the ash trees and bowling greens where you can freely play in the shade of the wisteria. Every Tuesday afternoon children can participate in the horticulture workshops to discover the colours of nature amidst vegetables, flowers and tinctorial plants.


The garden of water plants filled with vegetation and animals is found on the left side of the Fondazione. It is one of children’s favourite destinations because there they can admire dragonflies, ducks and fish that splash about and play hide-and-seek between the leaves. To the side of the biolake is one of the flowering lawns that make a big theatrical impact in the spring/summer but don’t worry, we’ll go past it again!


In continuing our stroll, we arrive at the fitness area dedicated to outdoor sports activities, located in the circle of the Liquidambar forest. Seven gymnastic tools for muscle enhancement, cardiovascular training, balance and stretching are suitable for different types of exertion so everyone can use them, adults and youngsters alike. Here you will also find one of the many drinking fountains scattered throughout the park.


BAM’s most famous flowering lawn is next to the fitness area. Its blooming room is a special circular route the lets you cross (without trampling!) the lawns and feel all of their magic and the fragrances of the blooms, allowing everyone to be able to observe and photograph close up without the fear of ruining this sight of colours. Come during the spring months to admire its marvel!


There is a marvellous play area in the shade of a large ring of weeping willows next to it. It is a single tubular ring-shaped structure with 11 games for children of all ages hanging from it: nest swings with baby’s chairs, car tyres, nets and ropes for climbing. The area is surrounded by many wooden benches, and there is a garden of shrubs forming a labyrinth all around it, where children can play chasing each other.


The equipped areas for dogs are located nearby. They are equipped with a reinforced lawn for pedestrian access, wooden benches, sandboxes and equipment for dog agility: a five-stage course to develop dogs’ balance. Our four-legged friends can run and play in in the meadow in total freedom while their masters and mistresses look after them and make sure they help us keep the park clean.


A break in the relax area is a must. This outdoor lounge in the ring of birches has wooden chaise-longues for relaxing and natural diffused lighting for reading in the park. You can sit with friends in this area to have a snack, to rest at the end of the day immersed in nature or to admire one of the wonderful sunsets that tinge the park pink and orange all year long.


Finally, go see the new BAMbox, a technical and functional area for ventilating the underlying tunnel, which was recently renovated and embellished with its shining mirror walls. And precisely on the sparkling walls you can take a family selfie under the BAM lettering that appears on all 4 sides. Curiosity: the name “BAMbox” was chosen by the BAM community!

At the end of the itinerary, make your way to the Porta Nuova district to admire its majestic buildings and lunch or have a snack at one of the many coffee bars in Piazza Gae Aulenti. The water fountains with which children can play and cool off are famous.

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