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Flowering Meadow
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Flowering Meadow

The flowering meadows are large rustic meadows dotted with wildflowers in their most attractive ornamental version, composed of mixtures of seeds of rustic flower species. The species of the flowering fields derive essentially from the same species found in our country grasslands, where the varieties have been selected among those with the greatest aesthetic values: larger, more colorful, taller flower, etc.
Their great scenic effect, also due to the continuous change of shapes and colours during the season, is heightened in this case thanks to an extensive mosaic use; all while the maintenance costs of these fields are considerably reduced compared to an ornamental lawn, due to the reduced maintenance that they need.
The demand for water is in fact very reduced and, for its complete success, it is necessary to carry out only one or two mowings during the season without removing the resulting vegetal material, which serves precisely to make the lawn self-regenerating thanks to the seeds which are spread naturally on the ground once the flower has dried up.

surface area: 8.885 mq


  • Achillea millefolium
  • Agrostemma githago
  • Anthyllis vulneraria
  • Aquilegia vulgaris
  • Arabis alpina
  • Borago officinalis
  • Centaurea cyanus
  • Cheiranthus allionii
  • Chrysanthemum leucanthemum
  • Dianthus barbatus
  • Dianthus plumarius
  • Echium vulgare
  • Gypsophila elegans
  • Helichrysum bracteatum Orange Iberis umbellata
  • – 1 gr mq di festuca trachiphylla Linum annum
  • Linum perenne
  • Lotus corniculatus
  • Lunaria annua
  • Medicago lupulina
  • Melilotus albus
  • Myosotis alpestris
  • Onobrychis vicifolia
  • Papaver rhoeas
  • Sanguisorba minor
  • Silene pendula
  • Trifolium incarnatum
  • Vicia sativa
  • Viola cornuta

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