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Ornamental apple tree
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Ornamental apple tree

Common name: Ornamental apple tree

Latin name: Malus ‘Evereste’

Family: Rosaceae

Origin: Europe and Asia


A variety of ornamental apple tree with slow growth, up to 5 m of height, rustic, tolerant to pollution, of contained development, erect bearing with a conical-tending shape of the crown and which prefers sunny locations to flourish and fruit at its best. It produces a spectacular prolonged flowering in April-May when the buds, also very beautiful because of an intense pink-red colour, hatch numerous white flowers.

In autumn and for much of the winter the branches, now without leaves, are covered with numerous ornamental fruits, small apples with a diameter of 2- 2.5 cm of a green colour that go from yellow-orange finally to red with magenta shades.
The leaves are a beautiful dark green and in autumn turn to a red-orange colouring before they fall.
Ideal as an isolated specimen, for small avenues or in urban parks.
The pruning of this plant is not necessary but, during the winter season, dry branches can be eliminated or ones that cross and develop inside the canopy.

Curiosity: its fruits are edible and birds love them.

Selection for the park: low deck plant; height 2- 3 metres.

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