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Nature in the city is a precious asset. That’s why it needs to be cultivated and protected. You can contribute too: join the volunteer team and become a BAM Librarian!


What you can do for your park:
  • Information and assistance to visitors;
  • Support the park’s cleaning, maintenance, and protection;
  • Assistance to BAM staff during events;
  • Support marketing and communication activities;
  • Issue of Certificate of Experiences from the Metropolitan City of Milan;
  • The most acrive volunteers will be visible on the park’s social networking channels;
  • Invitation to social gatherings and team building initiatives;

BAM alo offers a rich volunteer programme to schools and companies! Find out how to actively participate in the care of your park.

Are you looking for a work experience programme for your students?
Do you want to offer team-building activities and volunteering experiences integrated into your CSR program?
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